Im looking at a new Yak Help please

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Im looking at a new Yak Help please

Post by Bludymick » Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:52 am

Hi all
been a long time since i visited the page, and even longer since last post
still yakking around newcastle harbour in my quest.
managed to get rollled by a tugboat at midnight the morning of good friday. ( he just had to aproach to tell me im hard to see )
but the skills all you loose units have taught me had me rolled back over and back in within a minute.

just recently lost my brother and soon his super will be paid out to his siblings. with it im getting an Hobie Adventure Island

my local dealer has a 2018showroom model, thats been in the water once on a display day.
its aprox 2 grand cheaper than the new models.
what im keen to know is, is there much of a difference. Is their a superior model amongst all the ones they made.
im in no rush. would prefer the best boat available.
and also what inclusions are a must when getting a AI
for sure will get tramps for both sides. and a full electronic setup for sounder, gps and radio
thanks in advance all

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