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Congratulations to the 2014 Yak Fisher Magazine winners

Posted: Fri May 29, 2015 9:48 am
by Maverick
Congratulations to the winners of the inaugural Yak Fisher Magazine "Best Yak Captures of 2014" There were 3 categories, Offshore, Fresh Water & Estuary. Winner of the Offshore was Tommie Strydom with a Marlin estimated at 2 m and 90 - 100 kgs. Winner of the Fresh Water was Pat O'Neil with a Murray Cod estimated at 106 - 110 cm in length. The final Winner in the Estuary Fish was Tristan Plant with a Mangrove Jack estimated at 57 cm. Congratulations to all 3 winners.

Special mention to SLH Pro Team Members Josh Holmes for coming second in the Offshore category with his Marlin at 152 cm estimated at 30 kg and me for coming second in the Estuary category with my Snapper measuring 80 cm and an estimated weight of 5.5 kg.

For the full story please purchase your copy of Yak Fisher magazine and support the magazine that support Yak Fishers.